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Selected credits of recent years:

MUSIC and entertainment;


Madonna Live from Copacobana Beach, Rio de Janeiro 2024 - Live television broadcast, sound supervisor for SR Films

Radio 538 Koningsdag 2024 - Sound supervisor for radio and TV

Laureus World Sports Awards, Madrid 2024 - Sound supervisor

UAE union day broadcast Dubai 2023 - Sound supervisor for Done and Dusted, orchestra mix

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Abu Dhabi 2023 - Sound supervisor, music mix

Global Citizen Festival worlwide live broadcast 2023, Eiffel tower, Paris Link - Sound supervisor, music mix

Apple Music "Home for christmas" with Hannah Waddingham, London Coliseum 2023 - Sound supervisor

Roger Waters live to cinemas, Prague 2023 - Dolby encoding specialist

Laureus World Sports Awards, Paris 2023 - Sound supervisor

Radio 538 Koningsdag 2023 - Music mix for radio and TV

Hans Zimmer concert film recording, Dubai UAE 2023 - Sound supervisor for SR Films

UAE national day broadcast Dubai 2022 - Sound supervisor for Done and Dusted, orchestra mix

MTV EMAS european music awards 2022, Dusseldorf Germany - Sound supervisor

Global Citizen Festival worlwide live broadcast 2022, Ghana Link - Sound supervisor

Eurovision Song Contest, Rotterdam - Live broadcast Dolby Atmos mix

KISS new years eve live broadcast, Dubai - Live broadcast sound supervisor

Coldplay album launch, live from Amman, Jordan - Live broadcast sound supervisor

FIFA footballer of the year awards, Milan, Italy - Live broadcast sound supervisor

Andreas Gabalier, Munchen olympic stadium, Germany - Sound supervisor for Done and dusted

My dad wrote a porno, HBO comedy special. Roundhouse, London - Sound supervisor for Done and dusted

Pope visits United Arab Emirates live broadcast Abu Dhabi Link - Sound supervisor for Done and dusted

Guus Meeuwis @ Ziggo Dome - Broadcast: Live recording and mix at Wisseloord studios

UAE national day Abu Dhabi Link - Sound supervisor for Done and dusted

MTV European Music Awards, Bilbao Spain - Musical performance remixing

Simply Red (with Guidos orchestra), Symphonica in Rosso CD and DVD - 200+ channel recording sound supervisor, plus stereo and 5.1 mix @ Wisseloord studios. With Barak Koren, Adrian Hall and Andy Wright

Christine and the queens Apple music special, Paris - Recording sound supervisor

Flight of the Conchords Reunion special HBO, London Apollo - Recording soundsupervisor

Snow Patrol in Amsterdam - Broadcast; recording soundsupervisor and mix @ Wisseloord studios

Foo Fighters MTV special, Barcelona - recording sound supervisor

Marco Borsato Ziggodome broadcast - Recording and mix @ Wisseloord studios with Barak Koren.

The Grand Tour (Clarkson, Hammond, May) - sound supervisor for worldwide studio recordings.

Rolling Stones in Havana, Cuba - sound supervisor for JA digital films. Concert film recording of historical concert.

Kacey Musgraves at Royal Albert Hall London - Recording sound supervisor (Dolby Atmos mix by Tudor Davies)

MTV Africa Awards live broadcast Durban - Sound supervisor

Lenny Kravitz concertfilm/DVD Just let go (at Bercy, Paris and O2 arena, Prague) - Recording sound supervisor

One Direction DVD/concert film recording San Siro stadium Milan - Recording sound supervisor

Navarone live DVD/CD A date at the chapel - Recording and stereo/5.1 mix

Miley Cirus NBC concert special Barcelona and Lissabon - Recording sound supervisor for Done and Dusted

Andre Rieu Maastricht - 192 channel multitrack recording With Coen Thomas

Imagine Dragons live broadcast from Hong Kong (Transformers 4 Movie international premiere) - Sound supervisor for Splinter Films

Mtv Africa Music awards Durban - Show sound supervisor (Music sound supervisor Tim summerhayes)

Marco Borsato live broadcast from Ziggo Dome - Sound supervisor

MUSE dvd/concert film Rome - Recording sound supervisor for Serpent Films

TOTO dvd Lodz, Poland - Dvd recording with CJ Vanston

Sounds for change, Beyonce and friends Live from London - Sound supervisor for stage 2, Worldwide live broadcast (NBC,BBC) *nominated for Pro Sound Awards 2013 Broadcast event of the year*

Joe Cocker Cologne DVD/blu-ray - Recording sound supervisor

Coldplay live DVD/blu-ray - Stade de France, Paris concert recording

Jan Smit Ahoy DVD/TV - Recording sound supervisor

Doe Maar - Symphonica in rosso DVD/TV - 192 channel multitrack recording, recording sound supervisor, mix by Frans Hendriks

Andre Rieu Maastricht - 192 channel multitrack recording With Coen Thomas

Ultra Music Festival Miami - Live broadcast, sound supervisor

Marco Borsato 3Dimensies, DVD, 3D Blu-Ray - 128 channel Multitrack recording

TOTO dvd, Verona, Italy - Recording sound supervisor

RHCP live to cinema in surround, Koln - Program mix

Keane in Beijing - Live to stereo broadcast, sound supervisor

metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth live in 5.1 to cinemas worldwide from Sofia, Bulgary - program mix (Music mix by Tim Summerhayes)

Guus Meeuwis DVD - 128 channel multitracking

Sting in Mexico city - Technical supervision

2nd Mtv Africa awards in Nairobi, Kenya - broadcast sound supervisor
Elton John in Mexico City - Live to stereo mix for broadcast, sound supervisor

Ilse De Lange Ahoy DVD - 90 channel dvd recording with Billy Bush
Alain Clark in HMH Amsterdam
- Live CD recording

1st Mtv Africa awards in Abuja, Nigeria - broadcast sound supervisor
Franz ferdinand in Berlin - Live to stereo mix for broadcast, sound supervisor
Mika at parc des princes, Paris DVD and blu-ray - Recording sound supervisor
Björk live at the olympia, Paris DVD and blu-ray (VOLTAIC film) - Recording sound supervisor
Kane TMF showcase, Amsterdam - Live to stereo, Mixing engineer
Il Divo in Barcelona - Dvd multitrack recording with Tim Summerhayes
DJ Tiësto elements of life Copenhagen, Denmark - Dvd recording multitracking
Kasper van Kooten en band, zangzaad - Dvd recording and Surround mix


Abdication of queen Beatrix and coronation of king Willem-alexander 2013 - Sound supervisor of main ceremonies broadcast, biggest television production in Dutch history.
Chris Rock in south africa for HBO
- sound supervisor

Live from Amsterdam, stand up comedy for HBO/Showtime - sound supervisor
National Events for Dutch national broadcaster NOS: Elections, Queensday, prinsjesdag etc.



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